Apricot Jam & Special Offer for Spice Set

Please enjoy the apricot jam! Our Blenheim apricot tree went crazy this year and produced buckets and buckets of fruit. We gave away all we could and still had SO much left over that we tried making jam. The only additional ingredients are sugar, fresh lemon - and some jars contain pectin. I'm not sure if we can claim its "organic," but we've never use pesticides anywhere near this tree in the last 13 years. Unfortunately, the jam seems a bit runny, but hopefully it will firm up over time.

I also want to share a special offer on a new product I've been working on:

My company, FlipFresh, offers very unique, space-saving jars, amazing, fresh-dried spices and easy (and affordable) online ordering. We provide the best spices in the world and help you keep them at peak potency without running out. If you're interested you can learn more at our website flipfreshspices.com

I'm at the (very) early stage of launching this product so I'm offering a 50% discount to 'friends and family" through Amazon. This works out to $49.95 after discount.

These heirloom spices are truly exceptional. I source them from an incredible company, Burlap and Barrel, that imports them directly from small farms around the world. Each has an interesting background story - just click to learn more.  

  1. Caribbean Allspice
  2. Zanzibar Black Peppercorns
  3. Hot Cobanero Chili Flakes
  4. King Caraway Seed
  5. Vietnamese Royal Cinnamon
  6. Wild Cumin Seed
  7. Purple Garlic
  8. Ground Buffalo Ginger
  9. Spanish Smoked Paprika
  10. Cured Sumac
  11. Hyssop Thyme Sprigs
  12. Ground Turmeric Root.

We offer a total of about 40 spices - you can check them out here: premium spices.   If you purchase a set you can get refills for just $3.50 each - including shipping.

Here's how the discount offer works:

Click this link to the Core Collection of 12 Jars and Spices. Or you can go to Amazon.com and search for "flipfresh" - be sure to use quotation marks.

Add Core Collection of 12 Jars and Spices to your cart and proceed to checkout and type in "flipfresh50" in the discount code box. This will automatically subtract the discount so your net price is $49.95 per set - including shipping.

You can click below for more information on our (evolving) website, but again if you order, please use Amazon. I'm trying to build up volume and get positive reviews.

more about jars  more about refills  more about spices

 Thank You!