About FlipFresh

FlipFresh spices are fresh, available and easy to find.

Chances are your spices are old. And even if they were great to begin with (and most weren’t), their flavor, right now, is some fraction of what it was when they were fresh. Exactly what fraction is hard to know. Spices aren’t like fish or milk. They don’t spoil all at once. They lose flavor at rates that can vary wildly depending on things like light exposure, container quality, temperature and the type of spice. Changes are difficult to track, but if you compare an older spice of questionable quality with a great spice at peak flavor, the difference is startling; the color is brighter the aroma is richer and the flavor is deeper, more potent and complex. 

Does it really matter?  Yes. You will absolutely, unquestionably notice the difference. But keeping spices fresh, organized and in-stock is surprisingly difficult. Everyone uses spices at different rates. You may burn through two jars of ancho chili powder and only two teaspoons of tarragon in a year. How many of us (really) keep track of every expiration date? Who really throws away that 2 year old, $6.00 jar of marjoram that is still 9/10 full?

We’ve put a LOT of thought into this and we have a solution. First we provide a set of very unique, useful jars that connect to each other magnetically. They help you stay organized because the labels are easily readable (no branding, warnings or weights) and you can pair up spices you use together often - say rosemary and thyme. You can even hang the spice jars you use most often upside down from the bottom of a shelf or on a wall so you can find them in a glance.

Refills come in sealed packets with a clear expiration date. Each packet contains enough spice to fill up a jar. Each jar contains about 1/4 cup of spice - anywhere from 15 - 35 grams depending on the type. The lid on each jar has a special code that you can scan with your phone camera that takes you to that exact product in our online store. You simply click it and your refill is on the way. 

How amazing are these spices?  learned through experience that it is impossible to source great spices from traditional distributors. Most of them are tied to the same long supply chain of middlemen and it is difficult to determine their quality and age.  After a long search, we found a hanful of truly unique suppliers. For example, Burlap and Barrel was started a few years ago by a few young guys who didn’t realize what “couldn’t be done” - so they did it. They travel around the world to individual farms and pay a fair price for their very best crops; paprika harvested in northern Spain and smoked over open fires; wild mountain cumin picked by hand in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains; turmeric grown in the shade of the jungle canopy in Indonesia.. Without exception their spices are amazing, the best of the best. They get rave reviews from  a who’s who list of experts from the New York Times to Bon Appetit to Food and Wine and many more.

At this point, our selection is somewhat limited - Instead of a choice between hundreds of spices, we offer about 50 - an eclectic mix of the most commonly used spices and other, less common spices that are so unique and flavorful that we can’t pass them up. 

A little more about these jars.. I believe (without any real evidence) that no one on earth has put more thought into designing a simple spice jar. These jars are the result of hundreds of prototypes built over a span of two years. The main thing that sets them apart, is their ability to attach to each other magnetically, at the base, in perfect alignment. That means that any jar effortlessly clicks together with any other jar in only one correct configuration; the labels on both jars line up perfectly to create a unified design whether or not they are together or apart, no matter which jar is on top. The magnetic bond is strong enough to keep the jars attached, even if you shake them hard, yet they still separate easily when you twist them in either direction. They save space, they’re easy to find and they will put a small smile on your face every time you use them. And since they are reusable, you can help save the planet a little by reducing the amount of plastic waste.

FlipFresh is a new company with a fresh idea. At this point we’re small. We manufacture our sets in the U.S. Every new customer is a big deal. Please give us a try!