Connecting Jars


These reusable glass jars are brand new, 100% unique and incredibly useful. 

It took hundreds of prototypes and two years to get them right. They save space, eliminate waste and put a smile on your face.  :-)  Uncluttered labels provide useful cooking information and they're easy to find and grab when you're in the zone, creating a great dish. There's even labels on the lids so you can see them inside a drawer or hanging from a wall.

The first thing you'll notice about FlipFresh jars is that they connect to each other magnetically at the base with labels in perfect alignment. You decide which spices to click together based on the way you use them - say rosemary and thyme, cumin and coriander, cayenne and dill.. Whatever!  If you change your mind, its easy to pair them up differently - maybe connect rosemary to cayenne or cumin to dill. There's nothing to adjust or set up.

It doesn't matter which jar is on top or the bottom because if you flip them over the opposite side of the labels are always right side up. The magnetic bond is strong enough to keep the jars attached, even if you shake them hard, yet they separate with a gentle twist. 

You can even hang spices upside down, front and center at eye level with labels right-side up and readable. It makes your go-to spices incredibly easy to find so you don't waste time digging through the drawer or cabinet. 

When you get a refill shipment, each spice comes in a disposable, biodegradable packet with exactly enough spice to refill your jar. You can scan the QR code on both the jar or packet with your phone to instantly order more - or just learn more about each spice. No hassle, no trip to the store, no interruption and no empty plastic jar to throw in the trash.