Artisan Spices and Amazing Jars - 3 Reasons To Make the Switch

1) These Artisan Spices Will Make Any Dish at Least 20% Better.

Our spices are sourced directly from farmers and gatherers. The flavors are richer, deeper and more complex than commercial spices. We manage every step in the supply chain to ensure each spice is at its flavor peak. To pull that off, we have to limit our selection to about 35 core spices. We don't stock easily obtainable things like garlic salt, but our artisan spices like hand-harvested wild cumin and fire-smoked Spanish paprika will blow you away.  

Check out our list of artisan spices here.

 2)  Unique, Beautiful Connecting Jars

Our reusable, beautiful ars are 100% unique and incredibly useful. They attach to each other magnetically, at the base, in perfect alignment. That means that any jar effortlessly clicks together with any other jar in only one correct configuration; the labels on both jars line up perfectly with each other to create a unified design whether or not they are together or apart, no matter which jar is on top. These jars make it easier and more pleasurable to cook. They make it easier to find and grab the spice you need because the labels are color coded and you can connect the spices you use together most often - say rosemary and thyme. They also take up half the space of regular jars and you can even attach them magnetically off the bottom of shelves or the side of your stove. But convenience and ease of use is only half the story. The other half is how they make you feel.. I built literally hundreds of prototypes to get the magnets, labels, glass and jars exactly right. They stay attached, even if you shake them hard, but still come apart easily with a gentle twist.  Also, these jars are reusable so you won't throw away any more plastic containers, which will help the planet - at least a little bit.


3) The real problem - spices get old and impotent at different rates and you run out of them at the worst possible moment.

We can solve this with our "Reserve" option, which combines a special configuration of jars with and automatic replenishment of all your spices.  No more checking (often non-existent) expiration dates, no more running out the grocery store at the last minute for XYZ spice. No more throwing away 3/4 full old spice containers. The way we do this is a little hard to get your mind around.. but imagine a spice jar that always has the freshest, most potent spice on top, but still contains slightly older, but still amazing spice a layer underneath. When new spices arrive to replenish your existing supplies, the older spice is discarded, the previous freshest spices gets pushed down to become the reserve and the fresh spice you just unpacked takes its place on top. It sounds a bit complicated, but we make it really easy. We provide a second set of identical jars with red (not black) lids. The red lid jars become your "Reserve" and your current black lid jars become your "Fresh". When your new shipment arrives, you replace the old (red-lid) spice with the new, and swap lids and you're good to go. You're never stuck with expired spices and you never run out. 

If you choose the "Reserve" option we ship you a complete set of new, ultra-fresh spices every 12 months. In addition, we provide one additional set of duplicate jars for all your spices. Since spices last, on average two years, your old(er) spices will always be flavorful and potent.  

Learn more about the Rotate and Reserve option.

 So that’s it. I believe that ultra-high quality spices at their flavor peak can be your cooking superpower. By switching to FlipFresh artisan spices, you can measurably improve the taste of your food without any extra effort or expense. In the process, you can replace all those miscellaneous, mismatched spices jars with beautiful, practical and unique jars that will put a smile on your face every time you use them.