Reserve - To Never Run Out of Spices Again


It doesn't matter how fresh and potent a spice is if you run out - which usually happens at the exact worst moment.. We actually have a pretty clever way to prevent this we call "Replenish | Reserve." The "Replenish" part we already explained - you get a complete new, fresh shipment of all your spices every year, no matter what. But since spices remain at peak potency on average, for two years, you will likely have a lot of perfectly good spices left over when you receive your new shipment. 

If you choose the "Reserve Option," we provide duplicate jars for each of your spices. For example, you would have two identical jars of smoked paprika, and two identical jars of dill and so forth. The only difference in the jars is that one will have a red lid. Then, when you receive your replenishment shipment of ultra-fresh spices, you discard (or otherwise repurpose) the older of the two jars of spices and refill that jar with the new spice. Then you simply switch the lids. The jar with the red lid becomes your reserve supply and the jar with the black lid contains the new, go-to, freshest supply. (see diagram below.)

The identical jars containing the same spices can be clicked together to ensure both the current and reserve spices are at your fingertips in case you run out. Paired together, they act like a single spice jar that can fit into your existing racks, shelves and drawers just like the spices you use today. If you run out, you flip over the connected pair and begin using your reserve. (see image below)

Of course there is no rule saying you MUST organize your reserve jars this way. If you prefer to connect together different spices, you can still do that. Then if you want, find a safe, cool spot somewhere else to stash your reserves. We have a number of customers that store their reserves facing downward with their bases attached magnetically to the bottom of a shelf - their labels still read correctly upside down so it works out pretty well. (see image below)