Spice Selection

We source each spices from the freshest, highest quality provider. These suppliers can change based on a number of factors including quality, age and availability. The supplier and origin of each spice is noted in it's description link. These spices are available only as part of a complete set.

Spice Type -Origin Description
Basil USA Sweet, Earthy, Fresh
Bay Leaves Turkey Herbal, Savory, foral, licorice
Cayenne Pepper Hot, Spicy, Chili
Celery Seed Earthy, Salty, Potent
Cilantro Bold, Citrus, Aromatic
Coriander Lemon, Citrus, Nutty
Curry Powder Bright, Spicy, Sweet
Dill Weed Savory, Bright, Grassy
Dried Onion Sharp, Sweet, Robust
Fennel Licorice, Ripe, Aromatic
Garlic Powder Pungent, Sweet, Potent
Lemongrass Lemon, Sweet, Pungent
Marjoram Delicate, Complex, Sweet
Mustard Seed Clean, Sharp, Zesty
Nutmeg Sweet, Savory, Warm
Parsely Fresh, Subtle, Mild
Saffron Floral, Pungent, Savory
Sage Pine, Citrus, Earthy
Sesame Seed Nutty, Bitter, Complex
Taragon Sweet, Licorice, Peppery
Allspice Warm, Sweet, Pungent
Black Peppercorns Vine Ripened, Sun-Dried
Cardamom Floral, Sweet, Spicy
Cinnamon Woody, Aromatic, Sweet
Cloves Bitter, Rich, Pungent
Cumin Rich, Earthy, Nutty
Ginger Aromatic, Woody, Bold
Oregano Robust, Sweet, Lemony
Red Chili Sharp, Spicy, Robust
Rosemary PIne, Bitter, Complex
Sumac Tart, Citrus, Pungent
Thyme Smokey, Pine, Earthy
Tumeric Rich, Woody, Citrus
Paprika Rich, Smokey, Savory
Chili - Cobanero Guatemala Fierce Smokey Heat, Lush, Fruity