Beautiful, Versatile, Connecting Jars


These amazing jars are the result of hundreds of prototypes built over a span of two years. They are unique because they attach to each other magnetically, at the base with a sturdy click, in perfect alignment. The label any jar lines up perfectly with the label on any other jar to create unified whole. It doesn't matter which jars you connect, or which jar is on top. The magnetic bond is strong enough to keep the jars attached, even if you shake them hard, yet they still separate easily with a gentle twist. 

Why are these connecting jars useful?  You can use them in a number of ways to make your food taste better, your life easier and even help the planet - at least a little bit.

*  First, connecting jars free-up half your spice cabinet space because two spice jars fit in the footprint of one.

*  Second, you can attach spices that you frequently use together - say cumin and coriander - to make them easier to find and grab when you're cooking.

*  Third, you can click the jars upside down on the bottom of your shelves to keep them at eye level and handy - the labels remain legible in any position. 

*  Fourth with reusable glass spice jars you'll never throw away another plastic bottle. 

*  Fifth is a little tougher to explain.. These jars can actually prevent you from running out of a spice at the worst possible moment. Here's how: