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Premium Palestinian Za'atar is a blend of locally grown herbs, wild sumac and sesame seeds and levantine oregano (also known locally as za'atar.)

The ingredients are assembled with love, tradition and skill by a team of farmers and millers in the hills outside of Ramallah. Careful rationing of rainwater encourages the plants to reach deep into the mineral soil to capture the moisture necessary for survival.  The taste is piney, nutty, tart and peppery.

With any za'atar (like most other dried herbs) freshness is key. It won't retain its bright, bold flavors forever and it should be replaced after no more than a year. But at its peak, this za'atar effortlessly 'wakes-up' a wide variety of dishes, such as:

  • Add it to vinaigrette salad dressings
  • Mix with olive oil as a dip for bread or a rub for vegetables
  • Use it as a finishing spice for roast potatoes
  • Add it to virtually any simple sheet-pan dish like chicken or pork
  • Mix it in scrambled eggs with cheese in place of a wide variety of herbs
  • Combine with aromatics like garlic and ginger roasting or grilling

Pairs well with: Black Urfa Chili, Purple Stripe Garlic, Cured Sumac

We proudly source this Za'atar from Burlap and Barrel