Tarragon - Refill

Tarragon - Refill

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Premium Tarragon is used widely in French cooking, most notably as a key ingredient in bearnaise sauce. Native to central Siberia, Tarragon imparts a distinctive grassy, licorice flavor. It is often combined with other herbs such as garlic, crushed peppers, oregano and thyme to make herbal vinegar.

With an extensive root system, tarragon can be problematic for home gardeners, so it is not often found fresh in the United States. 

Grown and harvested in the United States and sourced from The San Francisco Spice Company


  • Widely used in French cooking
  • Compliments eggs, vegetables and chicken
  • Combine with other herbs and aromatics in marinades and dressings
  • Key ingredient in herbal vinegars
  • Pairs well with: garlic, thyme, citrus, salt, pepper, vinegar some dairy