Sumac - Cured - Refill

Sumac - Cured - Refill

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Premium Ground, Cured Sumac actually grows wild in northern Turkey. Instead of simple drying, it is chopped and packed in salt to preserve its bright, sour, salty and slightly fermented flavor. This sumac is both exceptional and unique. Originally it was used as replacement for fresh lemon juice. Now it has gained a following from chefs and home cooks to punch up flavors in a wide range of dishes. 

Sumac is a classic Middle Eastern finishing spice you can use to add character and brightness to salads, fish, meat or dips. It also makes a perfect topping for anything from hummus to salad to roasted veggies or meat to scrambled eggs.

We source this unique Sumac from Burlap and Barrel. They import it directly from farmers in Gaziantep Turkey. 



  • Sprinkle on hummus, baba ganoush, or even eggs
  • Dust over roast or fried fish and chicken
  • Add to chopped tomatoes, cucumbers and olive oil
  • In Chickpea Sumac Salad (community recipe)
  • In Çilbir-Inspired Eggs (community recipe)
  • Pairs well with: chili peppers, paprika, cumin, sun dried tomatoes.