Mint Leaves - Refill

Mint Leaves - Refill

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Premium Euphrates Mint grows along the banks of the Euphrates River in southern Turkey, one of the oldest agricultural areas in the world.  This strain has an unrivaled sweetness, brightness and intensity that makes it perfect for salads, grain dishes and tomato sauces or simply infuse in hot water for a fragrant mint tea.

Harvested by hand and air dried to perfect moisture content, premium mint leaves are sorted then crumbled into a rough flake texture. Compared to fresh mint, just a little goes a long way.

Limited quantities direct from a handful farmers in Gaziantep Turkey.  


  • Add to pestos, chutneys and curries
  • Perfectly compliments lamb chicken and pork 
  • Key ingredient for strong, bright mint tea
  • Tasting notes: peppermint, lavender, fresh cut spring grass
  • Pairs well with: cumin, paprika, citrus, coriander, chilis