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French Rosemary has been cultivated for generations in the famed Provence region of France. Grown with the same exacting (and loving) standards as their famed vinyards, this rosemary presents a clean, deep, earthy flavor that echoes the unique limestone characteristics of the Provence soil in which it grows. 

Harvested in early summer, the needles are fine, maleable and brilliant green. After drying a few weeks, the rosemary is bundled and shipped as quickly as possible to retain the flavor and complex oils that combine into a citrus-like flavor. 

Add this to sauces, stews, rubs and soups to add a splash of fresh spring and pine forest flavors.

Grown in Provence France and sourced from  Burlap and Barrel


  • Perfect for braising beef, chicken, pork and root vegetables
  • Add to soups and stews
  • Use in rubs to add a fresh, pine-smoke scent
  • Pairs well with: Thyme, Sweet Paprika, Cloves, Garlic