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Premium - Lemongrass, Cut, Sifted and Ground is a staple in Asian cuisine to add lemony flavor to curries, soups and stews. In southern India. The name says it all. This dried grass is uncanny as it mimics the flavor of fresh lemon almost perfectly. Native to Southeast Asia, Lemongrass will thrive in any temperate to tropical climate. It grows in clumps, with the stalks thickening over time to almost the diameter a pencil. 

In addition to sweet citrus, lemongrass also imparts a rich, bark-like flavor that brings out the best in soups, marinades, rice dishes and braised foods. Lemongrass stalks don't dissolve easily and it is often better to strain them out of a dish prior to serving. 

Harvested and dried in Cao Bang, Vietnam.- Sourced from Burlap and Barrel


  • Widely used in soup, stir fry, sauces and marinades
  • Strong, lemony zest combines with earth-bark flavor
  • Key ingredient in Thai, Vietnamese and Cambodian dishes and soup
  • Mimics the citrus taste of lemon perfectly. Brightens any dish
  • Pairs well with: asian spices, peppercorns, curry, coconut milk, hot peppers