Replenish - So Spices Never Get Old



Ensuring that all spices are great and fresh all the time is a deceptively hard problem to solve. We all use different spices at different rates. You may burn through two jars of garlic powder and only two teaspoons of marjoram in a given year. Who really keeps track of every expiration date? Who has the fortitude to throw away a $5.00 jar of marjoram that is still 9/10 full because its past its prime? 

Our answer is simple. We just ship you a complete set of new, fresh refills every 12 months, regardless. Since spices remain at peak flavor, on average, about two years, this ensures that all your spices will always be at their flavor peak, no matter what; no date stickers, no tracking, no wondering and no old spices. We offer these complete sets of  annual refills for about a third of the cost of the original spice set. And, just in case you run out in between, we provide interim refills (within reason) for a nominal cost to cover the shipping (currently $2.00 per spice).