Burlap and Barrel Collection


Exceptional spices are your culinary superpower; they make everything taste better. But finding great spices and keeping them great isn't easy. We source amazing, artisan spices from around the world and preserve them in versatile, reusable glass jars. We also provide affordable 'one-click'  refills that ensure your spices never run out.

FlipFresh is a new company with a fresh approach. We're seeking a handful of customers to try our product and (hopefully) create a positive buzz. If this sounds interesting to you, please take advantage of this invitation-only offer for a complete set of 12 connecting spice jars paired with 12 amazing Burlap and Barrel spices for $69.00 - shipping included. List price of this complete set is $109.95.

Each set includes:

To purchase, please click this link FlipFresh 12 Jar Spice Set to complete the transaction through Amazon.com. Please note, there is no mention of the free spices in the Amazon product description. I will add these 12 spice packets to your order and ship both the jars and spices together directly.

Burlap and Barrel Spices Included are: