Beautiful, Versatile, Connecting Jars v1


Our reusable jars are 100% unique and (in my biased opinion) beautiful. They are the result of literally hundreds of prototypes built over a span of two years. The main thing that sets them apart, is their ability to attach to each other magnetically, at the base, in perfect alignment. That means that any jar effortlessly clicks together with any other jar in only one correct configuration; the labels on both jars line up perfectly with each other to create a unified design whether or not they are together or apart, no matter which jar is on top. The magnetic bond is strong enough to keep the jars attached, even if you shake them hard, yet they still separate easily when you twist them in either direction. 

If you think I got a little carried away working on these jars - you’re right. I became obsessed with trying to create an “Apple” or “Lexus” experience for a simple spice jar. I wouldn’t be surprised if I put more thought into these jars than Elon Musk put into his first electric car.. Now, obviously I’m no Elon Musk.. Spice jars aren’t electric cars and I’m not a great engineer that can design a product in my head - or on a computer. I sketched out each design by hand, then painstakingly built actual prototypes that I could touch and feel, over and over again. I tried endless combinations of materials, magnets, jars, labels and bases. I am on a first name basis with the guys at the hardware store, the printer, the magnet supplier, the jar distributor and the industrial plastics showroom, and of course Home Depot. I picked the brains of smart(er) friends and kept at it. The labels had to match the jars, the magnets had to click to together hard enough, but not too hard... Finally I got it. The jars feel and look great. They will be one of those little things that you own that will put a smile on your face when you use it.  

So the next obvious question is: why are these connecting jars useful? The first and most obvious reason is that they free up half your cabinet space because you can squeeze two connected spice jars into the footprint of one. The second reason is that they give you the ability to attach spices that you frequently use together - say cumin and coriander, rosemary and thyme, oregano and garlic - to make them easier to find and grab. Also, spices stay fresher longer in glass jars, and since ours are reusable, you won’t be throwing away any more of those cheap plastic containers, which helps the planet - at least a little bit. So all those reasons are good and compelling, but there is one more important reason that is a bit more difficult to explain..

Remember, our claim that “your spices will never run out?” Based on everything we’ve mentioned so far, there is nothing that would prevent you from running out of any critical spice at exactly the worst moment, just like you would if you bought your spices at the grocery store.  But in fact we DO have an answer that we call “Rotate and Reserve” that utilizes our connecting jars to give you an emergency backup supply of every spice. 

Here’s how Rotate and Reserve works. Since we ship you new spices every 12 months and since most spices last, on average, two years, there is a lot of life left in those spices you will be replacing. We take advantage of that by providing you duplicate jars for each of your spices.  For example, you would have two identical jars of smoked paprika, and two identical jars of dill and so forth. One jar will contain the most recent, freshest spice and the other jar will contain the slightly older (but still amazing) spice as a reserve. While both jars and labels are identical, we also provide a set of red lids that are used to distinguish which spice is the (slightly older) “reserve.” When you receive your new shipment of spices, you discard the older, two-year-old spice and then refill that jar with the new spice. Then you simply switch lids. The jar with the red lid “rotates” to become your new “reserve” and the jar with the black lid rotates to become your new go-to, fresh supply. 

The jars containing the same spices can be clicked together to ensure both the current and reserve spices are attached and easy-to-find. the reserve spices are always at your fingertips. Paired together, they act like a single spice jar that can fit into your existing racks, shelves and drawers just like the spices you use today. If you run out, you flip over the connected pair and begin using your reserve. Of course there is no rule saying you have to organize your reserve jars this way. If you like connecting together different spices, you can still do that and find a safe, cool spot somewhere else to stash your reserves. Incidentally, we have a number of customers that store their reserves facing downward with their bases attached magnetically to the bottom of a shelf - their labels still read correctly upside down so its pretty slick.