Dill Weed - Refill Pack

Dill Weed - Refill Pack

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Dried Dill Leaves are used widely in northern and eastern european countries like Poland, Russia, Germany, Norway and Finland. It is also used increasingly throughout the Middle East and Asia where it is referred to as Lao coriander. 

It is used for pickling, vegetable and bean dishes as well as braised foods, soups and stews. It imparts a distinctive bright, grassy tart flavor.

Grown and harvested in Italy and sourced from The Monterey Bay Spice Company. 


  • Widely used in pickling, sauces, dips, dairy 
  • Strong, lemony zest combines with salty, grassy tasting notes
  • Brings out the flavor in eggs, potatoes, carrots and cabbage
  • Perfect compliment to dairy - sour cream, cheese, buttermilk or yogurt.
  • Pairs well with: savory herbs, citrus, garlic, peppers, vinegar